Clubhouse Coolers Sport

Clubhouse Coolers Sport provides all of the electrolytes found in major sports drinks. Clubhouse Coolers Sport comes in three great flavors at only 25 calories per serving with no High Fructose Corn Syrup and 100% RDI of Vitamin C. A great and refreshing beverage that is designed for active children.
Four Great Flavors

Clubhouse Coolers come in four great tasting flavors that include Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Orange and Cherry Limeade. Find the taste that is right for your own clubhouse, or try them all! To learn more about our exciting flavors or to learn where you can purchase our products, click on the button below.
Play Our Online Games

Head on over to the Online Game area and explore the Clubhouse Coolers game of the month. Each month we will feature a new and exciting game that is geared towards children of all ages. If you have not visited our online game center yet, click the button below to start playing!
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Clubhouse Coolers has been a welcome addition to our family. I have two boys who are as picky as they are active. Clubhouse Coolers has been a hit with them and knowing that they are getting their full intake of Vitamin C with each bottle makes it a hit with me as well.